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Originally from Rochester, New York but now Residing in Columbus Ohio, Jon Rogers is a low key legend. Despite sharing mics with Illa J and Frank Nitt, producing beats for Moka Only and rocking stages with the likes of Kev Brown, Jon isn’t the kind of guy you’ll catch clamouring for the lime light. Most of the time you’ll find him chopping samples into the early morning, adding even more material to his vault of unreleased beats. Jon Rogers is an artist who might fly below the radar of some Hip Hop fans, but he attracts an enormous amount of admiration from his peers and from listeners with their ears to the ground. It’s only a matter of time before the wider world becomes intimately acquainted with his output. He’s also one of the humblest, most honest cats i’ve met on the scene.

I first became aware of Jon Rogers (previously Maggz) after he won the Moka Only and Chief remix contest for the Feelin Music label back in 2011. He quickly followed up on his remix success with an album on the same label entitled “Fragmentz of Mind”. Word Is Bond described the release as “10 heat rocks slinging right through the atmosphere and back down to hit smack y’all right with futuristic vibe”. Needless to say I was immediately a fan.

One of my favourite things about Jon is his flexibility when it comes to his production. As a beatmaker he’s equally at home rocking woozy lo-fi loops on tapes like “Chenille” and “(Stereo)Types” as he is expanding into future soul territory on his collaborative project “Moonlight” with vocalist Renee Dion. The latter release is particularly noteworthy: seeing Jon’s palette of sounds expand into even more diverse territory, with reverb drenched synth pads and dusty, heavily swung drum hits intertwining with Ms Dion’s atmospheric vocals. As AfroPunk said in their review of the LP, “Jon Rogers excels at jamming bundles of flavor into every beat”. Check the stream below:

As an emcee Jon is equally impressive. While most producers-on-the-mic are best placed in the “competent, but hardly noteworthy” pile, Jon is capable of going toe to toe with his fellow Torchlight comrades Illa J and Moka Only without breaking a sweat. Check “Whatever It Is It’s Working” and “Mysterious” for the evidence.

Jon has plenty of new music in store for 2017 and beyond, both as an emcee and a producer. Make sure you stay connected with the brother via the links below, grab the latest tracks from his Bandcamp page and share the sounds with like minded folks.

“Music is a universal language that we all can relate to, and feel in some way. Music is a reflection of the mind and spirit. Its something that brings about emotion in people, and physical reaction as well.” – Jon Rogers

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