Scorzayzee & Mecca:83

Cherish The Moment EP


It’s funny how things change over time. In 2004 I was just starting my journey in music and Scorzayzee was already one of the UK’s most respected Hip Hop artists. From starting as a young spitter in Out Da Ville, to catching national attention/controversy after the release of “Great Britain”, Scorz seemed to be on an endless upward trajectory. He was firmly in the top 3 of my “artists i’d love to work with” list….but then he vanished. More on that another time though.

Fast forward a decade and i’d been doing my thing for a while when Scorzayzee emerged from the shadows and announced his official return to music. It was an honour then to be offered the chance to contribute 2 tracks to his comeback LP “Aeon: Peace to the puzzle”. A realisation of a dream i’d had for over 10 years.

Since then we’ve kept building and quietly collaborating behind the scenes. This is the first glimpse of that work. We hope you enjoy these two tracks as a starter portion. There’s plenty more to come.

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