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Peace people

It’s been a while. Right now i’m working hard on Volume 3 of the Life Sketches series, due to be released later this year via NineToFive Records. More on that later though, let’s get into the sounds that have been inspiring me this month.


Profusion – Flying / Where Do I Begin

I might’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of K15. I’ve been following Kieran’s ascent since the mid-2000’s and couldn’t be happier for people to finally start realising his genius. His new release under the Profusion moniker – a joint project with vocalist Emeson – is nothing short of a future soul masterclass. Expect big things when their full length record drops.


Native Dancer – Big Blue (Eric Lau Remix)

Eric Lau is the sure shot. While he’s a familiar name to many, his remix work can sometimes fly a little under the radar….and if you’ve ever heard his reworking of Funkommunity’s “The Light” then you know how much of a travesty that is! This one is full to the brim with mellow rhodes chords, loose shakers & just the right amount of ambience.


K, Le Maestro – One Thing

F**king heaters. I recently came across K via a recommendation from Elaquent. This kid is going to start moving up the ranks hella quickly so get acquainted with the name. And hit the man’s Soundcloud/Bandcamp to hear more while you’re at it.


Giorgio Oehlers – Rain

Ok ok so i’m cheating a bit here. This one might be a little over a month old, but Giorgio Oehlers is a beast. And who doesn’t love an SWV flip right?


That’s all for now people. Catch you next month for some more gems!

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