StayCool – Transitions

Seangran and the Stay Cool family are back at it! This time they’re taking an uptempo direction with their latest compilation “Transitions”. I slid into the cut with some Brazilian-inspired Broken Beat vibes on the track “Porto Alegre”. Officially available on 30th August, but there’s already some preview tracks available on Bandcamp. Check it out!

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Here’s the official word from StayCool:

Following their wildly successful debut release Altogether, Stay Cool return with a compilation full of electronic frequencies just in time for summer. 

The 24-track project features some of the most exciting prospects in garage, UKG, trap, house and hip-hop, including Slom, Robotaki, Mecca:83, west1ne, More//Night, KEI-LI, Blue Canariñho, AJMW, ElMari and more. 

Titled Transitions, the project takes its name and direction from the growing pains we feel as individuals and collectives. Through social media ideas that success is dependant on likes or follows and clout is the only currency of value are reinforced in our minds daily, making comparisons unavoidable, stealing our joy and robbing us of our victories. Reach and impressions driving depression. 

Regardless, what matters is we’re all running our own races. Though the directions and destinations may be different if we really support our network around us these things don’t matter – whether you’re moving up, down, left, right, forward or backwards through maintaining those bonds that drive us to push further and reach higher we can always ensure that we, not you or me, but we, collectively, transition to the next level of success and self. 

Concepted by Stay Cool founder seangran and illustrated by James Neilson, the vivid artwork channels the London roots of UKG and the label and incorporates our legendary transit system the tube alongside three London based artists from the project to make the title all the more meaningful.