Spacek – They Don’t Know feat. Raphael Saadiq, Common & Ledisi

Steve Spacek is one of the most underrated musicians of the 21st Century. He’s consistently ahead of his time, a constant innovator whether as part of the Spacek Sound System, as a solo artist or under aliases like Black Pocket and Supadred. Rolling Stone once remarked that Spacek “…gives new meaning to the phrase space funk”, and Fader magazine called the group “the most futuristic soul group of our modern age”.

This one made quite a noise when it was leaked back in 2012, but it seems to have been largely forgotten since. Which is crazy considering it’s Steve Spacek, Raphael Saadiq, Common AND Ledisi sharing the same track? Bonus points to those of you that pick out the Singers Unlimited sample too.

This one was originally leaked by KCRW‘s Mathieu Schreyer. The track is taken from an unreleased Spacek x Saadiq album titled “Pookie Blue Room”.

Words by Mathieu below:

“Back in 2004 Raphael Saadiq opened his studio doors to Spacek to produced an album for one of his sub label , the album was suppose to b called “pookie blue room ” and features 10 songs produced by both steve and morgan with raphael singing on all of them and featuring guest appearances by Common , Q tip , Ledisi ,Steve Spacek and more…. The album was never completed and therefor never released , as one of the co-producer of “the album” i share with you my favorite one.”

Bonus: here’s another leaked track from the Pookie Blue Room project called “I Miss U 2”. Check that out here.

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