Yesterdays New Quintet plays Azymuth
Unearthed Gems is a series aiming to shed some light on obscure musical nuggets that deserve wider appreciation whether they are unreleased tracks, rare compilation joints or vinyl-only B Sides.

If you’re a Madlib fan you’re probably well aware of the infamous “Madlib interpreta Azymuth” bootleg that has been floating around the internet for over a decade. For the uninitiated, it’s a low quality bootleg of Madlib in YNQ-mode, playing music inspired by his favourite Brazilian band Azymuth. Presumably it was something that Madlib intended to release at some point, but for reasons unknown it never made it to that point.

This track however isn’t featured on the infamous “Azymuth” bootleg. The only place its ever been played was in Mablib & J Rocc’s 2004 BBC Radio 1 takeover show. Otherwise it has vanished into obscurity, which is a shame to say the least. The track is about as funky as they come and as technically brilliant as any YNQ-related release that dropped in the mid-00s.

For the collectors among you, there is a bootleg CD of that takeover session in pretty nice quality. Take a look on discogs here.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Madlib’s YNQ work: i hope we get to hear the full “Madlib interpreta Azymuth” sessions someday.

Bonus: here’s one of the tracks from the bootleg “Madlib interpreta Azymuth” release