Yolanda Johnson – Fly…Shine (produced by Byron & Onra)
Unearthed Gems is a series aiming to shed some light on obscure musical nuggets that deserve wider appreciation whether they are unreleased tracks, rare compilation joints or vinyl-only B Sides.

Back in the mid-00’s, before they were acclaimed solo artists, Byron The Aquarius and Onra were working together under the group name The Big Payback. They released a self-titled album on the Circulations label back in 2007, which was re-issued in 2015 by HHV in Germany. It’s worth tracking down, trust me.

A year before their own album, Yolanda Johnson released her Violet Flower EP which features this funky number produced by Byron & Onra. The Big Payback sound is in full effect: with Byron holding down some soulful synth lines while Onra swings his MPC accordingly. Yolanda fits in with this sound beautifully, weaving inbetween Byron’s lead synth with nimble harmonies.

Byron has said a few times that there are numerous unreleased tracks from The Big Payback era….here’s hoping that we can hear some more soon!

PS. This one is actually on Spotify if you want to add it your playlists!

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