Ivan Ave – Double Goodbyes

Ivan Ave has been on quite the journey during the past decade. Since breaking onto the scene with musical partner and longtime friend Fredfades, he first garnered recognition for his intricate wordplay, before gradually expanding into more experimental and wide-ranging territory.

Double Goodbyes is Ivan’s most expansive record to date. A little less electronic, a lot more live instrumentation, and a whole bunch of jazz-funk influenced grooves throughout. It’s not quite a “goodbye to rap” record per-say, but Ivan has definitely found a new outlet in singing. And it’s a great fit for him too.

I’m immediately drawn to standout tracks “Phone Won’t Charge” and “Guest List Etiquette”, but the whole album is incredibly consistent throughout. Ivan has always had a knack for creating soulful, deeply personal songs that are perfect for deep listening and he effortlessly continues the trend on this new record. I feel like this one might be on heavy rotation for a long, long time.