K15 & Earl Jeffers are KEARL

When K15 drops new music I stop and listen. He’s responsible for some of my favourite releases over the last few years; if you missed out on WU15, the Culross Close releases, or his Kamaal Williams beat tape “Catch The Loop” then I suggest you hit the search bar right now.

Onto the release at hand though. KEARL is a collaborative project bettwen K15 and Melange bossman Earl Jeffers. Stylistically it pulls together all the best things about the current London scene; the jazz influenced broken beat of opening track “New Visions” almost feels like a re-envisioning of George Duke’s Faces In Reflection era. “Propel Ahead” takes us in a similar direction, albeit in a little more laid back vibe.

It’s the final track “Take Flight” that’s the killer for me though. I could hit the dancefloor to those drums, or kick back in my studio and enjoy the rhodes and lead synth combo on repeat. Expect to hear that one in plenty of DJ sets this summer….hopefully in the flesh and not just on Mixcloud sometime soon!