Sa Ra – Master Teacher (Ken’s Revenge Edit)

The Sa Ra produced “Master Teacher” was undeniably one of the highlights of Erykah Badu’s album New Amerykah Part 1. This little instrumental re-edit has never had an official release, but in 2008 FreshSelects let it loose as part of a short EP of demo recordings from the Master Teacher recording sessions.

Here’s the discogs entry for the Master Teacher sessions (you’re best bet is to hunt it on a P2P network, the original link is long dead). And here’s what Kenny Fresh had to say about these tracks back in 2008:

First, there’s the original version of the song, which Shafiq had co-produced with Georgia for SA-RA’s G.O.O.D. Music debut, Black Fuzz, which actually featured Bilal singing the lead vocals (who you can still hearing in the background of the Badu version), and Georgia on backing vox. I love what both Erykah & Georgia did over this – but I gotta say, Bilal really KILLED this shit, in my opinion (also – credit due to Ty&Kory, who I believe sing background on all of these versions – but don’t quote me on that). I’ve had this one since about 2006 (bigs up to my G.O.O.D. hook-up for that) and to my knowledge, this has never leaked – so I had to hit up Shafiq and make sure it was cool to unearth this lost gem. And not only did he give the OK, but he also gave some insight on how to came it be on Badu’s album and provided two additional unreleased versions.

So the story goes – after the deal for Black Fuzz fell through, Shafiq explains “Erykah always liked the song…I was like you should use it…(our deal at that time with GOOD was done) so it was just one of those records sitting around…Why not let Badu rock it? It made sense.” And so to go along with the album version (which you should already have), I’ve got Shafiq’s unissued “Final Mix” of the track, which features Georgia on lead & Bilal backing her up. This is the mix that Shafiq intended to be appear on the album, but it didn’t make it in time for the deadline. And if those two weren’t enough for ya, there’s the included bonus, “Master Teazer (Ken’s Revenge Edit)” – an instrumental re-edit of Shafiq’s beat, using different outtakes from the sessions by SA-RA affiliate, KenBts.