We Are Rewind cassette player

I have a not-so-secret love affair with the Walkman and tape players in general. As an 80s kid, I spent the majority of my childhood glued to my Alba walkman (couldn’t afford a Sony) and my Michael Jackson tapes.

While I already own a few vintage walkmans and ghetto blasters, the market for new cassette players has been pretty garbage for the longest time. Even though I have one, those cheap USB cassette players just aren’t any good. Which is why i’m so excited by We Are Rewind!

We Are Rewind is a modern re-imagining of the Walkman. It has a definitively 80s-influenced design, but with all the features you’d expect from modern hardware. As well as Bluetooth 5.0 built in (fancy headphone owners will appreciate that one) it also does away with the need for AA Batteries, with a built-in Lithium battery providing up to 10 hours of play between charges.

The other realllly interesting point is that it has a record-in, which means you can create your own mixtapes without the need for a hi-fi deck.

Pre-orders are open now for 3 different colour variants, with the players due to start production imminently. Needless to say i’ve already pre-ordered one….