Featuring: Buscrates, K Le Maestro, Kan Sano, Emanative, Octavio Santos, Jonny Tobin, Scorzayzee, Ill Conscious, Spinnerty, Replife, Marc Rapson…

2020 marks a decade of Mecca:83, so for everyone who asked when more Mecca was coming to vinyl – here it is! Consider this the ‘best bits’ of the last decade; covering everything from the first Life Sketches EP to Quiet Moments which was released last month. We’ve managed to squeeze 20 tracks onto the release, so there should be something for everyone on there.

I’ve been dreaming of doing a release like this for the longest time; being an indie musician means not being able to afford a vinyl release for each and every project, so it’s genuinely humbling to be able to bring so many tracks to wax for the first time.

I hope you feel we made the right track choices! An extra huge shout goes to Ninetofive records for their support in making this happen. Pre-orders now available via qrates (don’t worry it’s not a crowdfunding campaign, pressing is paid for!).