Fresh Finds: October 2020

Peace people! In the era of infinite streaming, it’s getting increasingly difficult to great music amongst the noise (or is it just me?).

I figured i’d try something a little different and take it back to good old fashioned blogging to share some of my favourite new music with you. Who knows, I might make this a monthly feature….anyways, here’s a few of my favs from October.

Sons Of The James – Everlasting

Sons Of The James are vocalist Rob Milton and producer/multi-instrumentalist/one of my favourite artists Dj Harrison. The duo first slid through earlier in the year with the double A-Side “Happy/Thing I Should Have Said”, featuring Ms Georgia Anne Muldrow, which became an instant classic for me. This release is really something; channeling Gospel, Hip Hop and a heavy dose of D’Angelo’s Voodoo era in equal parts. If there’s one album you should spend your hard earned money on this month it’d be this one.

Jneiro Jarel – After A Thousand Years

After Jneiro suffered an ischemic stroke back in 2018, I wasn’t sure if he’d ever return to music (he’s been largely silent throughout his recovery). Luckily for us Mr JJ is back at it and on fine form. The Brazilian vibes are just as present as i’d hope, especially on “Sunwalkers Pt 2 & 3”; a follow up to the classic Broken Beat track on his 2004 album “Three Piece Puzzle”. Jneiro had a huge impact on me when I was starting to find my way in music, so seeing him back in the groove is a delight for me.

Potatohead People – Mellow Fantasy

Possibly the best production duo in Hip Hop (come at me, i’ll happily argue that statement) are back with a brand new album. If you’re familiar with Nick & Astro’s output then you know exactly what to expect; expertly produced grooves, jazzy instrumentation and stellar guests throughout. They’ve outdone themselves this time around, with a genuine maturity to the choice of arrangements. Hell, they even got Pos from De La Soul on there!

Georgie Sweet – Misunderstood

I mean, is it cheating to include a record you have production credits on? Hold your judgement for one minute, because this record is genuinely incredible. Don’t take my word for it though; Gilles Peterson, Marc Mac of 4Hero and a host more are in agreement. Georgie’s level of talent at just 20 years old is astounding. Not only that, but Marc Rapson and K15 provide some of their best productions to date (in my humble opinion) across the album’s 14 tracks. Expect big things from this woman.

Takuya Kuroda – Fly Moon Die Soon

Yes, i’m cheating slightly as this one came out in September! First Word continue their ongoing theme of releasing outstanding music from outstanding artists with Takuya’s new LP. I’ve been a fan of the man since his album “Rising Son” on Blue Note back in 2014. Listening to Takuya’s music is like taking a whirlwind tour through some of the best records in your crates. Songs like “Moody” and “ABC” are heavily indebted to Fela Kuti, while “Sweet Sticky Things” feels reminiscent of classic Roy Ayers Ubiquity. It’s not a homage record though, as Takuya manages to take in multiple genres whilst still retaining a sense of cohension and personal identity.