Born Evan Jones, Macclesfield, 1983

“An ethereal, jazzy take on boom bap, equal parts Air’s Moon Safari and Minnie Riperton circa her work with Rotary Connection.”

The Guardian

Mecca:83 has been knee deep in vintage drum machines and dusty records for over a decade. With a collaboration list that includes the likes of Gallant, Tom Misch, Grap Luva, Jneiro Jarel, Von Pea (Tanya Morgan), Daye Jack and Scorzayzee, he has spent the last decade honing a production style that blends deep jazz samples, swinging drums and a healthy amount of live instrumentation.

As well as recording as Mecca:83, you’ll find multiple releases under his jazz alias “Rise” (sometimes accompanied by the Unity Ensemble), two records as Alexis Davis (with Replife, Spinnerty and Simon S), an EP as Redefinition (with DistantStarr and Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble), as well a numerous production, remix and compilation credits for labels as varied as Chillhop, Warner Brothers, Futuristica Music and Rockwell Product Shop.

Mecca sums up his approach in an interview with The Find Mag: “I always strive to make positive music—something that gives people the same feeling my favorite songs do. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and it’s over a decade since my first credit on a commercial release. I’m just immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to experience what I have, still have people check for me and support what I do.”

“If there was just one producer whose music encapsulates this moment in time and musical space, this decade of instrumental hip-hop, it might be Mecca:83.”

The Rust Music

“Some of the stuff that I heard [from him], it really touched my soul because his music is just… in a spiritual realm, somewhere else.”


“Mecca 83 translates influences from Hip Hop, Jazz and Soul into a futuristic sonic realm with his laidback electronic beats.”

Dazed & Confused